MPay | Payment Solution MPay | Payment Solution

Fast, easy and secure way to spend without worrying about amount of cash in your pocket

About MPay Wallet

MPay Wallet is a virtual wallet where you can store E-money and all your favourite cards into one mobile device, for use conveniently anytime anywhere. With MPay Wallet, you can make payment via QR code, perform online purchases, reload mobile prepaid credit, fund transfer to 3rd party and many more.

Introducing MPay Wallet


Easy to Register

No physical documents needed. Just download mobile apps to start using.

Quick & Easy Purchase

Payments at retail stores can be made easily by just scanning a QR code on your mobile device.

Secure and Convenient

You don’t need to carry a wallet full of cash, this reduce the risk of losing money.

Keep Track of Your Money

You can easily track your expenses and every amount spent through the E-Wallet .

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MPay | Payment Solution